It’s a Three-for-All!

And now, a few eMusic Recommendifications for your consideration.

We’ll start with Jigsaw Days from The Well Wishers. This new release from Jeff Shelton (ex-Spinning Jennies) is among the top Power Pop releases of the year to date, and in addition to recalling artists like The Posies, Teenage Fanclub, Sloan, Supergrass and XTC, also has moments where it leans a bit heavier into the “Power” than the “Pop.” Like most bands working this genre, Shelton isn’t really looking to do anything new. But he’s doing a very good job cranking out earnest, tuneful guitar pop. Very cool, very recommended.

Next, let’s flip back to 2005 for Maximo Park and A Certain Trigger. Here’s another band that’s throwing back for its sound inspiration, and they’ve apparently listened to more XTC even than The Well Wishers. They also seem to have a fondness for The Wire and The Jam and a host of other late-’70s New Wavers, and if I have a complaint it’s that they haven’t really broken free of their influences. Not yet, anyway. But if you like Kaiser Chiefs and The Futureheads and The Dead 60s and The Strays and My Teenage Stride, this may well be up your alley.

Finally, something a little more modern in focus – Earth to The Dandy Warhols, which the eMusic reviewer appropriately describes as “chunky, catchy psych-rock.” The band offers nods to a variety of luminaries – VU, the Stones and Bowie spring immediately to mind – but there’s a certain self-possessed hipness that I’ve found immediately compelling (I’ve only spun this one a couple times so far, but take the fact that I rarely like anything before I’ve listened to it at least five times as a strong plus.

If you aren’t an eMusic member, you ought to be. They let you sample for free and buy cheap, and when you join you can get lots and lots of downloads completely free, no strings attached, scout’s honor.

Happy listening.

One Response

  1. I could never get into Maximo Park. But I havnt heard any of their stuff recently…and I really love Kaiser Chiefs and Futureheads, and like the Dead 60’s as well….so maybe I should give it a shot.

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