Something to Say

I always try to think of something interesting to day here. Usually I just resort to a bunch of crazy nonsense. That’s only interesting to me though. So today, I want to present to you the new me. The me who cares about you and your feelings. Here goes… Hey everybody, I hope you are enjoying my reviews as of late. This latest batch should be a fun bit of reviews. I go from indie releases, to more mainstream fare. I understand the need to put music out there that is less known, but to be honest, it is hard for me to differentiate between the two. Good music is good music, no matter how many copies are pressed. If that offends you, well then I’m sorry. (Wow, that did not go well, here’s a palate cleanser… gabba goop goop trappy ly ly!)

Taylor Mills – Under The Surface – *** – Continue reading

Music Mayhem

Hey there everybody! Ah December! That month of months! All the holiday cheer and joy, it’s enough to make you just jump in the air and scream! But, we don’t do that, do we? We’re just too scared. Scared little babies. Waah Waah! Cry all you want people, it’ll do no good. Stop screaming though…STOP IT! C’mon, we’re in public, people will stare. Oh noooo! You got me, I’m no better than you are. OK, can we make up? I’m sorry. Here, here’s some cool records for you to check out. Will that make things better? Gee, I sure hope so!

Charlotte Hatherley – New Worlds – *** – Continue reading

Full of stuffing

Well by now, you should be rolling around helplessly, and that’s a good thing, am I right? Yum Yum food, right? Well, you are so helpless, I would assume, that the only joy you could possibly get today would be from playing records, right? Well, have I got a treat for you!!! Listen to these records! Yes, do it!

Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane – ***1/2 – Continue reading

Get Ready…

Get ready folks, it’s about to get real. Ok, not really. Blah blah blah bleep glorp gloop glop. See, I’m still here, no worse for the wear. OK, but let’s get ready for one thing, and that is, more reviews. We are like a month and a half away from finishing this year, and I still have tons of CD’s to share with you. But, it’s all leading up to that great moment, the moment when I reflect on the albums of the year. Oh, you all are just chomping at the bit for that moment! But you’ll just HAVE TO WAIT!! Rock.

Julianna Raye – Dominoes – *** – Continue reading

Why oh why?

Well, here we are, the last two months of the year. It seems like we just got into this year, but so it goes, right? So, now, we are going to really kick start this year, and live it up in 2009!! Oh yeah! Let’s make this year HAPPEN!! OK, whatevs… just read some reviews, OK?

Robbert Bobbert and his Bubble Machine – Robbert Bobbert and his Bubble Machine – ***1/2 – Continue reading


Hey everybody! Halloween is just around the corner. This time of year brings to mind one thing and one thing only. PUMPKINS! Nobody cares about pumpkins any other time of the year. I mean, what’s up with that? They are like orange and junk, you can totally cut out awesome faces from them, and cook up the seeds for a flavorless treat! Who can ask for more? So this year, carve out a space for a boom box in your pumpkin, pop in one of these CD’s and you’ll have a singing pumpkin! Won’t that be cool??

Wes Cunningham – Everyone Wins – ***1/2 – Continue reading

Rock To It!

Hey everybody! I am just cooking with these reviews lately! It’s insane! or is it just inane? I guess we’ll never know for sure! But one fact remains, and that is that if music be the food of love, then play on! Because love is VERY hungry right now, and it needs to gorge on a huge heaping platter of music, deep fried in a harmonic batter, drizzled with melody, double-dipped in a chorus of voices, served hot and fresh. Dig in!

Among The Oak & Ash – Among The Oak & Ash – ***1/2 – Continue reading

Wasting Time

Well, if you haven’t been able to tell from my previous blogs, I sure like wasting time. However, I consider all my time well used. I’m not sure what it’s all for, but I always try to do things I want to do whenever I can. I get the most stressed out when I am expected to spend time doing something I don’t really do. I try to subvert it if possible, which of course leads me to listen to music while working, have some process running on my computer, I always have something in the back of my mind that needs doing. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s just the way it is. And that wraps up the non-specific generalization hour, come back next time for more! Review it!

The Dead Weather – Horehound – *** – Continue reading

Fun Time Go!

Hey pals, what’s going on? So I think we all said some things last time that we regret. I’m sure there are things we’d like to take back. But you know what? It’s over, it happened. There’s no going back. All we can do is keep going and try to get past it. I mean, I guess if there would have to be a “winner” in this situation, I think it’s pretty clear who that is. So I mean, I guess an apology from your side, wouldn’t be disregarded. No, I mean, like, it doesn’t matter, but I mean, right is right, right? So I guess, just do the right thing. I mean, it doesn’t matter, though. Wait… OK, listen, just read these reviews, we’ll talk more next time. Thanks.

Kyle Vincent – Where You Are – *** – Continue reading

It really Bloggles the mind

Hello there friends and enemies. I hope this letter is finding you well. I’m sure you’ve heard by now the really wonderful news. That’s right, this blog has become the number one source for misinformed and questionable judgement on all your favorite musics. Congratulations. Try to keep up, now would you? But, onward and upward, that’s what I always say. And today is no exception! Check out these sweeeeeet records, and let me know how you feel about them. Don’t wait! Participate!

Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson – United States – ***1/2 – Continue reading

Friday is a free day!!!

Wow, this might be my first Friday blog in a while. I tend to blog early in the week for soem crazy reason. But not this week. Nope. Well… OK, then, I really have nothing else to add. Just keep rockin’ folks!

The Shazam – Meteor – **** – Continue reading

Time For More

Welp, another couple weeks, another blog. This week, we have a fun, international lineup of cool bands, top names, and indie wunderkinds. Take this opportunity to take in these musical mavens as they show you how to make music right! Oh yeah!

Sarah Blasko – As Day Follows Night – ***1/2 – Continue reading

It’s been a long long time.

I feel like I have left you all in the lurch. I just have been falling back on listening to new music. I have a ton in the queue, but I can’t get to it with all the other stuff I listen to. What’s that, you ask? Oh OK, since you asked… Recently I have been listening to old music I found on the Small Town Pleasures blog: so that’s been a lot of fun. I know a lot of those bands, but hearing their full albums really puts it in perspective. I also get a ton of stuff from the Power Pop Criminals blog: I listen to a ton of Podcasts, both music related and comedy related. For music, I listen to the Time Machine; Pop Garden Radio; Paste Culture Club; Coverville; shows like Come to the Sunshine and Pepperland Spicerack; WFMU’s Michael Shelley show. For comedy/general interest I listen to The Sound of Young America; Jordan, Jesse, Go!; Never Not Funny; The Best Show on WFMU; Wiretap. So if you get a chance, check those shows out! Now on the the reviews:

The Trews – No Time For Later – *** – Continue reading

Happy Independent Blog Day!

Hallo folks. It’s been quite a week. As we sit back and think about the invention of America, we must reflect on all the stuff we blowed up real good. I am also realizing it has almost been an entire year since I started writing these reviews. In fact my first review blog was on July 8 of last year. So, I suppose I should have waited a week to post that fact. But whatevs, I might not even blog next week. So yeah, that’s interesting. Here’s some stats for ya!

I have posted 32 blogs, with 5 reviews each, so I have reviewed 160 records. Wow. That actually surprises me. My weakest month was November, with only 1 post, but I made up for it, with 4 posts each the next two months. Overall, a successful experiment, I have felt really good, writing these and delivering you, my fans, a heaping helping of cool records to give a listen to. I hope you all have enjoyed it. Let’s make it 200 records for the next year!

Tony Cox – Unpublished – ***1/2 – Continue reading

I’ve hit the big time!

Hey all my loyal fans and readers, just wanted to send out a message to let you know that you’re OK. Just keep on keeping on, my friends. Hey, if you enjoy the blog, why not let your friends know. You know, we can’t just keep these things to ourselves. And with your help, we can raise the awareness of this blog ten-fold. Oh yeah! Let’s make this happen! Keep hip!

Mandy Moore – Amanda Leigh – **** – Continue reading


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