There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.

Alright. ok. here we are. once again ready freddy. Thanks kids.

Jens Lekman
I Know What Love Isn’t

Good stuff from Jens, who I always enjoy immensely. Some really good stuff on here, but maybe not quite as engaging as his last album. Still he has that unique style and voice that are just great to listen to.

Faux Pas

Joe Algeri’s latest album is really interesting. It’s got a weirdness to it that I really like. But sometimes it takes away from the more poppy side that could be there. Overall, interesting, but not fantastic.

Eugene McGuinness
The Invitation To The Voyage

His first album was very odd and fun, and felt fresh. He has kind of taken a more serious approach on this album, but there is some good stuff here. It also adds a bit more electronic type sounds.

Dan Miraldi
Sugar & Adrenaline

A rockin’ album through and through. Miraldi really is well versed in writing an energetic fun rock song. I could see a great progression from this into something really great.

We Are The Woods
Whales and Roses

An odd duck of an album, very interesting lyrics, good vocals, very much varied and unique. It doesn’t really grab you right away, but creeps up and pulls you in.

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