5 reviews whenever i feel like it…OK?!

OK, this blog is now the 5 reviews whenever I feel like it. You know, I always complained when comic book writers broke from a monthly cycle or something. And that’s because comics take like 10 minutes to read the first time, not realizing all the work that has to go on. I mean I relate to that. Coming up with these reviews amount to the same amount of hard work that goes into drawing and writing a comic book. I mean for one, I have to, like, listen to them, which takes like 45 minutes or something. Then, uh, I have to write the review, and determine a star rating based on over 500 categorical themes. And that takes like 2 minutes, so in all, to get these out weekly would take AT MINIMUM 4 hours – A WEEK! That’s crazy, no way would I possibly be able to do that on a weekly basis. No way.

Teddy Thompson – A Piece Of What You Need – ***1/2 – I can’t seem to get enough of Teddy Thompson. I really love his album Separate Ways, so it’s hard to top that, but this album is definitely more of what makes Teddy so great. His songs convey such an odd outlook on life, which I think I relate to, while still being enjoyable and interesting musically.

Readymade Breakup – Alive On The Vine – *** – Pretty good record, it sounds great, just enough production to make it sound clean and crisp, while still having just great songs that have a good energy and are interesting.

Glen Campbell – Meet Glen Campbell – *** – A covers record of some modern pop songs, bent towards Glen Campbell’s style of country music. It is an interesting project, but I feel like it cannot necessarily step away from being a novelty.

Of Montreal – Skeletal Lamping – *** – Quite an eclectic record. That’s not necessarily surprising knowing this band’s previous output. However, their last record seemed a bit more straight-forward, while this one goes all over the place with half-songs and odd editing. But it is still good, and stronger than a lot of their earlier records.

Mondo Primo – 2fn Hot – ***1/2 – A fun breezy record by the band, renamed from Feable Weiner. But it continues in the fun style created on their first record. Quite cool, and the CD version comes with 3D Glasses and 3D artwork, so you can get a headache while listening to the record!

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  1. I get the problems with committing to a schedule. So we’ll take the reviews whenever we can get them…..

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